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I always try to keep an open mind but Nasa and the Gov, have been lying to us constantly. We all know Obama is in Denver with DHS and the rest of the gang is just gone to who knows where.

Think about how fast the moon makes an eclipse of the sun. This dark star could start covering the sun anytime. We all know something has caused the earth to moan and groan while large earthquakes devastate us and long since dormant volcanoes wake up.

Now NASA is telling everyone that they are seeing Comet Honda rather than ELENIN when they point out a comet. Comets don't cause earthquakes. Love the cover story of ELENIN broke up when it was never a comet to begin with.

If you feel the shaking start get outside. If the sun starts being blocked out stay in your house the entire time and do not look outside unless you think an earthquake is going to make your home fall on you. God told us that demons will roam the earth for those three days and you will be killed if outside so heed his warning.

I pray nothing happens but just be ready in case it does.
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