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Originally Posted by hister67 View Post
Thanks for the reply.....and no I wasn't talking Biowaste m8...

"Shale oil and tar sands"

"At the same time, Boeing found that while biofuels turned out to be much better in quality than expected, the quality of the existing oil supplies was going down. This, says Morgan, is the result of the poorer quality of the new types of unconventional oil that are coming onto the market like shale and tar sands – and the unwillingness of the oil companies to do anything about it.

“There is a trend going on in parts of the world, especially in North America, where there are alternative forms of crude being produced. The backpage story out there is that there is stuff in those fuels that appears to be causing problems in terms of contamination of jet fuel. There are additives that go into those types of crude that are getting through the refining system and into our supply and are actually causing problems for us."

I find the part of the article I posted very interesting....what is your take?
This is what I have mentioned on many occasions before today, I think they are burning these new bi-products in the air, both to hide what is going on and to save money, where as disposing of them at ground level they would be very expensive to handle and certain models of decline might be more noticeable to the general public.

What is for sure TPTB are up to it, power stations are now being heavily fortified with razor wire in the last few years, where as before they were completely open to anyone wandering around.

Certain patterns are emerging and they are protecting the electricity grid for future control, the remaining oil supplies will be needed for the air and land power campaigns and global dominancy.

Maybe the way to be cruel to be kind is to turn off the control mechanisms at the grid level, turn off the switch to the technology and let things reset themselves.
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