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Post Hepatitus & MMR vaccine

Hepatitus & MMR vaccine What dos it do to the body?

Can you give some infomation, why those people shall stay way from vaccine?

I no myself that they kill you.

Hepatitus Vaccinations -can someone please advise?

I've just started a new job in a secure hospital, where being attacked (including being bitten) by the patients, is quite a likely occurance.

Because of immersing myself deeply into the conspiricy genre over the last 3 years, I naturally have a strong aversion and fear towards vaccinations. I have cut aspartame, msg and fluriode out from my diet over the last 2 years, and don't want to embrace harm to my spiritual connection via the institutionalised health system. However, I've been strongly advised to have the vaccinations for hepetitus b and c, by the health and safety officer of the hospital.

I'm wondering if these particular vaccinations carry any esoteric damage, does anyone out there know?
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