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Originally Posted by angelx666 View Post
you sound like an idiot, what are you doing here ?
Why so harsh my friend? TIS works for the NHS - NHS staff get a lot of abuse, I know this because I have worked for the NHS for - oooh - 15 years now.

Hep B jabs have been routinely given to all hospital staff (nurses, doctors, porters, cleaners etc.) for years (way longer than the 10 years TIS suggests).

For me - unlike the slight risk from measles, mumps etc, there is a hugely increased risk of contracting Hep B in this line of work. If my immunisation levels dropped enough for me to have to have booster (I haven't needed one for years as my levels have stayed high) I think I would have one.

I work specifically with people with substance misuse problems so the risks involved with IV users are increased again.

I still wouldn't allow my kids to have MMR, I will still refuse the swine flu vaccine should it get introduced to NHS staff - just to make it clear that I'm not particularly pro-vaccination.

But I do think people must weigh up the pros and cons of specific vaccinations within their own lifestyle/job.
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