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Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
I stopped watching TV news years ago. I have no social media accounts. I only use my cell phone to make an occasional call or text, and sometimes it even sits for days uncharged. When I go out in public now it's like I'm a character in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Like, I am literally the only person not glued in a trance to a phone.

that's why I suggested the media be as much addictive as alcohol, it's only when you can't get your hand on a bottle or you got no connection that you really can do without... it's a bit tough in the first days but then what a relief to regain plain control and access to your inner world... I mean from the media... :|

sadly the latest HTML5 ‘digital bolt’ prevents me from watching the video so I can’t tell you at which moment it happens unless it’s been during for the whole speech, but I’s watching a sequence of it on TV with the sound muted last night and it’s almost scaring how Macron played inner ‘rage’ and his face was showing hatred I thought he’d get a stroke at one point… I sure didn’t listen to a single word of his speech but no doubt here’s what his play was over…
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