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so...that being said, to deal with tax collectors in such a way as suggested by the op just means we get to see another ruby ridge story on the news.
edit: that being said, if 10,000,000 americans took this view the story would be a little different. there'd be months of cnn entertainment. kind of like desert storm in '92. or was it ' matter, i watched the whole "war". i wonder if the gun camera footage and done footage would end up on youtube like all the vids from iraq and afganistan? you know, stuff like some good ol boys loading the pick up with rocket launchers while a couple more are drinking their coffee and poof they disappear in a cloud of dust and shrapnel...yep...force.... from 40,000 feet and 5 miles away. good luck with that.

edit: this is when you really need to understand sun tzu when he said " fight your enemy where he isn't".

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