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Originally Posted by phreaky View Post
Tineye found one match for that image and the page that came up has the same image url as the one posted here; so it's either this site or one where someone is linking to the image from this blog.
I can't tell what the scribble on the bottom of the pic says. I don't know who drew it. There is no information given on that website/blog about the pic. Another website, the one in my last post, has the same info, but minus the ghastly images.

None of these drawings are accurate, or even logical. They're drawing minstrel-inspired freak 'dolls', and the minstrels themselves mocked blacks. At the time of this all coming about (Florence Upton's racist shite books/drawings), there was intense racism. It was the time of empire.

Not sure why these pics have a place, other than to try to pretend that because they're a drawing, they're therefore 'art' and therefore have great meaning or significance. People can have them, post them, look at them, try to figure out some magical, deep, mystical meaning. LOL, it's not there. Some people have the old "Whites only" there a deep meaning in it? Some kind of poignance or art about them?

It says in the blog/article:

For the next fourteen years, Bertha and Florence Upton created twelve more books featuring the Golliwogg and his adventures, traveling to such "exotic" places as Africa and the North Pole, accompanied by his friends, the Dutch Dolls.
Is it possible that the stupid pic is an image of the ugly 'doll' and the two Dutch dolls in Africa? I don't know who drew them, and where they come from. I'll assume they were drawn by the talentless racist Florence Upton. The 'natives' had an axe? They had multi-coloured skirts? They resemble the ugly golliwog, who was modelled on the racist minstrels-phenomenon - see the exaggerated lips, goggle-eyes, big hair. It's not like black people have proportionate faces; they're just all big, fat lips, big goggle eyes, big hair. Yup, that's blacks for you.
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