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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Well done you for doing the micro teaching.

I'm not sure about making the candle last longer by putting in the freezer. A tealight only need a tiny amount of melted wax to keep the flame going at first. After a while, you get a pool of melted wax anyway so the rate of melted wax used will be the same regardless of whether you put them in a freezer beforehand. The other thing which makes it burn slower is pellets called Microcrystalline which is an additive to wax and makes the wax harder, higher melting point, hence it slows down the rate of wax melting. It's useful when making standalone candles, not so much use in tealight. A I said, you get a pool of wax after awhile anyway. Hope this helps.

ETA: We should all go out there and micro teach flower pot candle heater. Make sure you tell them that it was mentioned at one of the conspiracy... I mean truther forums.
It's been scientifically proven, the molecules of paraffin wax greatly contract at freezing point, causing increased density, hence longer burning. Also, scented candles add an aromatherapy aspect to the overall ambience, appealing to all the senses.

Theoretically, you could float the candles in Brandy or Pernod and get high on the fumes though this may also be a fire hazard.

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