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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
I never suggested the the flame would be cooler with a refrigerated candle, but smaller with less heat output , it's all about heat output , which depends on rate of fuel consumption.

From search...
.... amazon tea candles claim 4-5 hours, so 152 watt hours / 4.5 hours or about 33.8 watts on average. It would take just over 42 tea candles to match the thermal output of a 1440 watt space heater

33.8W is not very much.

A tea candle gives out 152WHrs of heat .

If electricity costs 10p/KwHr in UK ....152WHrs costs 1.52p

So if you are paying more than 1.52p for each tea light, you are wasting your time... electric heating would be cheaper..

As for using cold pressed oil at 2pounds a liter ....

Wax in a tea light is about 20gms, about 50 tealights /kg ....cost 76p

So at 2pounds a liter for cold pressed oil, you are paying more than twice as much as heating by electricity , for the same heat!!!

Solar is worth looking at , if a wall of your flat receives sunlight , there are ways of getting that heat inside , I think there are videos on Youtube.
Thanks for the calculation.
btw, the link is not working.
I was under the impression that each tealight gives 40w of heat.
Anyway, you can spend easily £2 on heating per day. You can buy 100 tealights from Wilko and that lasts about 2 weeks for me so that's £1 per week. So whatever the calculation, I still find alternatives cheaper especially if you obtain used oil from cafe and other outlets, the fuel cost will be zero and you only have to buy wicks or make one out of tissue which can be messier.

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