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Default medical lack of knowledge

Let's start from the beginning - we are NOT physical- only beings, we are ENERGY BEINGS at our true level - infinite consciousness - there is no such event as death as misunderstood physically.

We are supported in our 'life' by our human energy field, or as David would term it - our information field. This field interpenetrates the physical body and all its organs and systems.

Each user of a field operates at a personal frequency, this frequency includes all body systems and organs. This is the cause of the rejection of other people's organs, as the system identifies it as an invader/threat needing life-long chemical suppression.

There have been problems after a person has vacated the physical 'world' and has been, for several reasons, unable to tune out of the earth's programme. Their energy can still be attached to a physical organ which is maintaining 'life', and so we have people after transplant, developing a taste for unusual food, or as in one case, riding motor bikes, due to the continuing presence of the original user of the organ who needs specialist help to tune out of the Earth's atmosphere.

Until medicine and science stop looking at the physical aspect only, and ignoring the whole person, the only authentic way to use the current method is to use those who have the awareness to check that the original user is not present, and to clear the organ energetically before re-use.

But that may not be any time soon.................
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