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I've opted out of organ donation, not sure wether it's valid, as I believe it will affect my energy or soul on its next journey, and I'm not sure the website I did it on was genuine.

Doctors are good at evolving their knowledge of the human body, but they know very little about our connection to the stars and universal energy.

The ancient Egyptians used nature and its calendar when carrying out treatments, predicting the best date and time to carry out procedures or administer natural remedies.

They even assigned a name for each hour of the day, we just give them a number in this generation.

There's thousands of years of human history. Why would we think we are the most advanced? Human thinking evolves, I can confirm this as I am lucky enough to have been alive for a total of 57 years. My thinking today is very different to the way I thought 10 years ago. Even 1 hour ago lol!

On an offshoot, I've also read horror stories about organ donors, where they are not clinically dead, they have their organs removed without anasthetic, and clinicians have to physically restrain them whilst doctors slice them open and harvest their organs.
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