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Originally Posted by john connor View Post
They must be in on it...commercial pilots must have queried this stuff..they must have been fobbed off with some lame excuse or threatened with job loss if they asked too many Q's....someone must know a commercial pilot who is willing to whistleblow...even if its just to the truth least we may have a better idea of what we are up against
I reckon there's more pilots than there are people who believe in chemtrails.

PPRuNe seems to be quite a busy pilot forum. You can use google to search it for chemtrail and then browse what most of them think ->
Not that their opinion will change anything. They're all paid to stay silent. They're all brainwashed with years of training. They're all robots.

Unless one said different. Then you'd all decide to believe that single person.
TV makes you stupid, but the internetz makes you ded cleva, lulz.

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