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Originally Posted by fekdemasons View Post
It just makes me start to wonder if the people in the MOD are worried about breathing the air ?

Are they in on it ? Vaccinated against the effects ?

Do these people have families to think of ?

Why have there been no apparent leaks / whistleblowers ? Are the Pilots / ground crew even aware what they are spraying ?(compartmentalisation of info)

Today was the busiest I've seen since I became aware of them.

So many questions , fucking no answers whatsoever from Whitewash / whitehall !!
They must be in on it...commercial pilots must have queried this stuff..they must have been fobbed off with some lame excuse or threatened with job loss if they asked too many Q's....someone must know a commercial pilot who is willing to whistleblow...even if its just to the truth least we may have a better idea of what we are up against
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