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Originally Posted by 777equals666 View Post
Chemical trails are a big issue in the US as well and the Government wont put out a letter to even acknowledge that they received a request for information on the subject, at least to my knowledge they haven’t. Where I live in the US, I see Chemtrails 3 days a week and they fly in teams of jets. Like 10 jets covering the sky. You can clearly see that these Jets are well coordinated and have precision spraying zones and times at which to spray. I wish I could know the absolute truth about this subject?
Yeah this is so true if you look on my facebook profile of the pics I took of the perfect criss cross formation of the trails you now know that these lines are planned out. And since them photos for 2 weeks now we have had none above my house, so what? Do they stop flying chartered flights above my house for 2 weeks and them re-strart them again.
Guess the MOD won't give me a straight answer for that neither!
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