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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Have you seen "Candy girl" and still think that everything Fiona Barnett says is "fake"?
I've watched them both nothing she says stands up to scrutiny, she comes across as a bit of a phantasist.
In fact I found it difficult not to laugh at a lot of it.
It's nadir in terms of being taken seriously is at 26 minutes of part 2.
"Richie Benaud attends a blood sacrifice in Bathurst, where he uses a ceremonial dagger to cut out the baby from a pregnant woman. Then Kim Beasley & Bruce Spence decapitate children then every one has an orgy ".

Not surprised to see comments have been disabled.

The 2 interesting things are her obsession with Bruce Spence. And at the 41 minute mark of part 2, is a list of Actors etc who in 1984 at Anthony Kidman's house attend a post Production party of a play. That looks like a sort of contemporary version of King Lear.

On that list is John Howard & Robert Menzies, one past and one then future Prime Minister, both from the right wing Liberal Party. Menzies died in 1978.
May be they were characters in the play.

You need to look at the events leading up to the Whitlam dismissal to appreciate why this stuff if true should have come out years earlier.

This video below shows the possibilty that Whitlam & Kerr may have once been quite close, but to say they were (according to Barnett) homosexual lovers is a bit of a stretch.

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