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Originally Posted by horus13 View Post

jimmy saville is bisexual and he also like kids, but his sexual orientation is much worse, probably the worst you can think of.

put it this way he has or did have some contacts at morgues around the country and he paid them for access to their, shall we say, clients.

this was a well known fact among the movers and shakers in the media, the news and entertainment industries but he has so much information on these people and so much clout that if this horrible truth ever came out they'd lose their jobs or worse. that is 100% true.

i have no idea what he's doing with the mentally ill frank bruno and the mentally ill peter sutcliffe but this is sending a message to someone. remember nothing happens by chance and this is clearly staged.

...also sutcliffe didn't do all the murders he was supposed to. he took the wrap for some of them and the person (persons to be more precise) killing prostitutes is/are still active today and was/were responsible for many murders reported in the newpapers even today. that's not 100% true but it's close.
Sutcliffe carried out his murders where I live mate! I know all about him. He is locked up where he belongs, but arseholes like you on this thread do not realise that people who are as ill as he is, need medical care and attention, as well as incarceration for the protection of others.

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