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This thread put me on a low all day yesterday, especially since I had read a link where parents had recorded the dreadful effects of this immunisation. Form a so-called 'mild' effect as hair loss....imagine a teen girl losing her hair! At one stage I wouldnt leave home without eyeliner and that was way before all this 'looks are everything' attitude really took off! Lets not forget that it has KILLED several people!

I went to Morrisons in the afternoon where they had an advert over the tannoy for anyone over 18 to come and get their 'free flu jab' at their own pharmacy!

The problem is people arent informed about these vaccinations, hence the fact that the girl involved was the only one in her year to opt out.

This is why it is so very important to spread the news, to DO something! I can no longer play the game of 'Im alright Jack' and to just keep my own family safe.

Has anyone found any flyers about this to hand out......hoping it isnt too late!

There is more though, the amount of TODDLERS I see drinking aspartame laden drinks really breaks my heart, how the fuck are we meant to stay positive through all this? Anyone?
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