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jeez only just read this, Im livid!
I remember reading in the news about a year ago that they were forcing parents to have there young children vaccinated with the MMR jab at gunpoint. I can also remember telling
my friend it would be the same over here soon and here we are.....

A few points to raise , firstly this girl is over 12yrs old which means she or her mother would have needed to give written consent for this to take place.
I was told the ins and outs of this kind of thing not long ago when the powers that be were putting immense pressure upon my son to have bloodtests to check for diabetes.
The problem however is that he is needle phobic and no matter what tactic I tried , their was no way he was having bloods taken. The paediatrician told me that despite the implications of him not being tested their really wasnt a lot she could do if he didnt want to have it done, as he was 12yrs old.

Please take note the the UK government have not signed up to Article 1 or 13 which then makes the rest of the Human Rights Act invalid. This why the Government can get away with what they are doing to each and every one of us.
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