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This is one case and the girl in question was not enrolled onto it (luckily she will escape the two further jabs) but what about the 70%+ that were done with full co-operation of the parents surely this is much more of concern.

We are fighting a battle on a daily basis now and still the majority go along with the propaganda and seem to be immune to the risks to their future childrens health...If I had a daughter that age I would be appalled at the idea as I was when they suggested the MMR jabs to my children....

Wake up you Dozy fuckwit parents.

''Media control is still based in the main on cultural manipulation. It's just so easy to do. When you set up one set of objectives toward the public and you've given them a certain definition for each code word, you hit them with the various code words and they're not going to believe anything if you don't want them to." Bowie
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