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Miracle Healing Water (research)

Inhibition of Water Activated by Far Infrared Functional Ceramics on Proliferation of Hepatoma Cells

"Rare earth (RE)/tourmaline composite materials prepared by the precipitation method are added to the ceramic raw materials at a certain percentage and sintered into RE functional ceramics with high far infrared emission features. Then the far infrared functional ceramics are used to interact with water. The influence of the ceramics on the physical parameters of water is investigated, and the effect of the activated water on the growth of Bel-7402 hepatoma cells cultured in vitro is further studied. The results indicate that, compared with the raw water, the water activated by the ceramics can inhibit the proliferation of hepatoma cells, with statistical probability P < 0.01, which means that the effect is significant. It can be explained that the water activated by the ceramics has a higher concentration of H+, which decreases the potential difference across the cell membrane to release the apoptosis inducing factor (AIF). After entering the cells, the activated water stimulates the mitochondria to produce immune substances that lead tumor cells to apoptosis."

I shall have this method under trial within a few weeks. This is the only manual method of self-ionisation that can possibly activate C60. I am quite hopeful of the results. However, the result is dependent on the quality and availability of the C60, and that is an unknown factor unless/until first activated; and also the purity of the water at start, as I have only ever previously succeeded with unfiltered rainwater and natural activation. Nevertheless the above tests were carried out with just water without any known C60 content, so that raises hopes very much. Unfortunately they do not state the water source.
It may alternatively have to be cultured in unfiltered water prior to filtering - we shall see. that could cause a long delay in the test if so.
The Mechanism Explained:
Once activated, the improvements to the quality, taste and purity of the water will come fast. Any impurities in the water are then captured and transformed or detained by the insoluble natural activated C60, including radioactive elements and gases. Beneficial elements only are released into the water at the same time. The active cleansing and release of beneficial elements continues at all times once inside the human body, until the C60 is at capacity, and/or released by the bowels. This is not to be confused with the synthesised soluble "C60" on sale in shops, which has no specific properties.

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