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If the Flow Rate is too High
Then regulate flow with long-handled ball valve. (No need to make alterations to the system)

Flow Rate does not need Monitoring:
If the guttering to be used is terminating on the ground floor roof, with a small drop to the rainwater diverter, then in that scenario, you do not need to worry about flow rate, as the recommended system will cope with anything the diverter may transfer to it regardless of gradient used (unless tank is underground)

If unsure, then just test the tubing from the diverter during heavy rain by letting it flow into a 10 litre bucket to get some idea. Approximately 2 minutes or more to fill the bucket is fine, as the flow rate will be much less anyway once the water is navigating the system. A little bit less than two minutes is also fine just for heavy rain alone. The sump filters ensure that water will not be released from filtering too soon.

Only when flow rate is too low, then problems with the system need to be identified.

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