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Originally Posted by blah View Post
Yesterday I had a very strange day, like one of many to come, and I think that david icke has woken us up and is now taking us to the next stage, am I right ?

David icke has taken you nowhere !

he has only given truth !

where you take that truth is your doing !

if you think its a war , the war lays in your hands and has nothing to do with you being lead there !
also , if you are easily lead into a war , take responsability for your actions and do not blame them on others leading you to them .

David did not make or start any war !

if there is a war , it was started a long time before he came along , also , if i tell you something , does that mean i have lead you into a war ? no of course not .


and just because youve had a funny day , it has nothing to do with David Icke !

rolls eyes !
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