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Originally Posted by ex sheep View Post
We decode time and space in our reality constantly, how often do you realise in your day to day life that its an illusion ?
Iv'e known for years that it's an illusion. Ever since I first stepped outside of time. Since then I somewhat live outside of time and am not subject to the biological clock that most people feel creeps up on them. I do not care if I ever father children in this life, and I don't care if my life is perceived as being wasted. It's all bollocks as prophet Icke says.

If you want to break up the illusion, simply unfocus your eye's a little or cross them. Even doing this simple thing can allow you to somewhat step out of this reality.

Right now I'm kind of addicted to this music. Repeating it over and over is steadily raising my vibrational level. It is bringing me back towards the bliss that I like living in. (Words are 'Yod Hey Shin Vav Hey)

Peace, love, harmony and wisdom brother
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