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Originally Posted by jupiter12 View Post
An unusual dream experience I had recently. I was laying on my bed and outside I could hear a group of people in their garden talking and laughing. One female was quite loud and was shouting over the others who were laughing. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, it was just noise. Suddenly the voice of the female became clearer and more detailed and she was talking about ‘life’ and the ‘journey’. I opened my eyes and I was still laying on my bed exactly as I had before but I realised this was now a dream as the voice outside was saying such clear and unusual things. My waking situation had blended with my dream. The room was the same in every detail! curtains, furniature etc.. and I was fascinated by the replication and detail, it felt like I was awake!

I was then suddenly outside in a car park area. I was standing behind parked cars. The girl from before was still talking and was now next to a male who she was torturing! She was telling him that ‘pain’ is part of the journey and without it you don’t learn! He offered no resistance and let her continue. I was looking at the ground by the cars which was covered in a sort of sand. A shape was forming in the sand with a changing pattern. It was circular like a big crop circle with detail. It seemed like a form of communication but I had no idea what it meant. I am interested in crop circles and their meanings but I haven’t looked at them for a while.

I can see how the dream journal is a good idea as dreams can fade so fast. I started to make notes on the pc.
That's some excellent dreaming right there! Quite amazing how dreams simulate reality, that is part of what makes dreams so engaging... they are natures perfected virtual reality simulations.

The changing pattern could be linked to hypnagogia which is fractal patterns that emerge and I also observe those patterns in dreams.

As for the aspects of each other, I do believe we are all parts of a larger whole, or a Universal self if you will.

I've just recorded a youtube video describing precognition so thought I would also share that in this thread. Not sure if I can embed so here's the link.
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