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Cool Hah was a dream worth talking about.

Hah ..... was a dream worth talking about.

Try to make it as detailed as I can.......

I truly forced myself to have some dream today just for the entertainment.

My first attempt started; but failed in the end & I could not pick up the content.

But the second one was a beauty.

At the start of the dream I ended up in some sort of office building complex joint with Shopping centre sitting right in a meeting room where the Boss just got of his chair all upset calling for full lock-down of the facility. So we all got up and walked down the hall & I ended up beside the Son of the Boss which was all pissed off for reasons I did not get.
All the elevator doors and entire doors had some black coloured one meter high small columns in-front of all the entries which they activated & no one could get into the place; but you could walk out of the place. Like a magnetic field one way blocked directive shield.

Anyway this was the primer of my dream and where I picked up the dream in detailed colours & everything was like if it was real what I seen.
Next I'm sitting on a table with the Son of the Boss beside me and the boss & some other people keeping on talking while having some coffee.
I was not interested in there conversation & just looked out of this great big window in front of me; like the once you can see in the airports right up to the sealing once.

Anyway for me it looked like (LA) Los Angeles area.
So I kept looking out of this window; nice clear day by the way & here we go a plane in the Sky leaving his marking behind it.
Straight of I was thinking well this looks like perfect Chemtrails coming from it.

I did not say nothing at the time & just kept following the plane on its pass through the sky.
Looked a bit like this >>>

So the plane just ended up on the top corner of the Window within this place & boom not a sound; but a visible only boom like effect & Snow white shit coming from the back of this passing by plane; like as if something seriously went wrong on the back of this plane & everything got dumped into the sky in a flash & started falling down to the ground all over with a trail of white plume cloud like looking stuff all the way.
That's when I give the Son of the boss which was sitting beside me a hint & said look at this one up there! He just said Wow!

Very similar looking like this; but more peace's came of the end of the plane & right into our direct direction too; by then the plane ended up out of view of the top window corner & all was left to see was all the white cloud like stuff falling down all over the place. Like the shuttle explosion but more small peace's like over a wider spread area!
Looked a bit like this one >>>>>

So I got up with the bosses Son together & we went out into the Parking lot & one of these cloud like trails fallen down right in-front of us into one of these small garden like dividing plots within this big Parking lot & we walked together towards the fallen debris.
Looked a bit like this just more closer >>>

So we got to the place & sure enough there was some stuff still left no more white cloud like smoke & this is what it looked like many peace's & like sticking together raw Salt like crystals like in the first image; forming a handful oval shaped like bonded together lumps of it and all over this garden like plot where it came gown lookalike as in the second image.

For the correct colour looks of these crystal like raw salt like structure was not like the left image above but exactly like these two colours below within my dream. EXACTLY!

So I picked up some peace's put it in some plastic bag I found on the ground & the guy which was with me also taken some peace's too & placed it into his own pocket.

I said to the Guy I will go back now on the next flight out of here & get this shit checked out in a Lab. So we exchanged Email addresses, Skype & telephone numbers & that's where my dream stopped & I got up & straight away wrote my dream details down on paper; before I had my morning coffee.

That's it ......... do with my dream what you like......... Its here now & the future may gives me a reality check of what I dreamed about here?

Hah! ......... it only was a dream for me but so freaking realistic with real coloured surroundings and the rest all in real time sort of thing;
no fancy confusing stuff at all ............ nice one like a remote viewing one.

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