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Originally Posted by lynfowars View Post
Yes, I think there was, and remains, a nazi involvement, but these are real, truly hard-core nazi's that existed long before the goose-stepping goons of Hitler, this bunch are much older, and rarely showed their faces in WW2. The goons that raped Barney Hill were nazis, if you read the report and descriptions it's quite obvious. They are sperm/egg stealing eugenicists, which is the purest nazi-nastiness there is. Indeed, it's their whole reason for existence, perfection of the species...

Those physically ridiculous 'greys' are just a distraction and cover for their nefarious DNA-stealing activities, helped by accomplices in the film/media industries.

We could do much on a sub thread I agree. I would like to get some hi-res scans up of the images I mentioned, in such as way as to prevent their tiresome censorship by the spooks.

PM me if the thread moves, I am having memory problems of late
Spot on! Deeeeep underground the US and other places
Would you link them with the bush faction?
I guess, it is yes?

Well, if you consider that faction the yin, then there is also an even match of same age, the yang. That is, what I found out.

But I still miss some links, what happened in US during/after WWII exactly... the yin faction is still incomplete...

Should I PM a mod for moving the thread? I'll do and PM you then

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