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Originally Posted by lynfowars View Post
Because they want to pique our interest and curiosity, but not do all the work or we'd be lazy. They want us to do some 'work' for ourselves evolving from violent apes.

They get enough of our smarter people realizing the truth when they see it, yet don't allow a full-on disclosure that might panic religion and the economies.

Also, they may be in competition with the bad-guys, separatist nazi's who have stolen the show (and involved in ALL mutilations and abductions). It could be them, not the 'original' UFOnaughts, who have done the discrediting -and keep doing so. They are jealous of this technology and have no desire to share it with the masses who they treat as cattle..

Meier has this treatment too. He has lots of real stuff, but credibility amongst the masses ruined by blatant fakes, probably the only thing keeping him alive..

How true, but Adamski was the first 'publicly known' modern Human into Space if you know what I mean.

There is a key to the Adamski riddle. He wrote about seeing something incredible on a spaceship, something he was told not to write about for the time being in his books. He died before he ever did.

I have a suspicion I know what he saw, and it could change everything for Adamski if I could get more proof before I commit.

Only what is readily available and in Tim Good's books - I really do recommend you get all books by Tim Good, and also Leonard Cramp. Both authors are excellent, and Cramp has detailed how the UFOs work, from many years back. It is all there for the taking, if only our mathematicians would get off their arrogant high-horses and read... Even Adamski taught them lessons about extra-dimensions (he used the term 'frequencies') in the 1950's, to which they all scoffed - but now it is at the front of theoretical math research.

There really is a Venus-like planet in our dimensional neighbourhood, Adamski said you can't see it or visit unless your 'frequency' is physically changed by a technological process the UFOnaughts go through, to cross the barrier between their world and ours. Hoagland is getting close to it, with his promulgation of the 19.5 Degree anomolies and the strange hexagons on all the planets - a tell-tale signature of influence by giant objects unseen by us, because they are spinning in other dimensions...

Adamski told us of these other places, that concept was so far ahead of it's time, fakery my butt!

Adamski/Bryant will have the last laugh. I bet Armstrong wishes the truth would out in his lifetime. He's a decent man.
Very interesting read

It really seems to me, we are on the very same track, but from different ends. We might can complement each other.

At the moment, I am busy with J.P.Farrell... after I read Igor Witkowski, but thanks for the book recommendations.

So you also think, there have been a split up within the nazis?

Edit: I find it to be an interesting thread, probably worth moving into a sub forum?

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