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Default Vatican Secret Archives

An interesting article.

Anyone who has the means to get out there and explore the archives, look for a reference to the then pope meeting George Adamski.

Adamski continued to fascinate people in high places. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands even received him at her palace , and Pope John XXIII, who was dying of cancer at the time, allegedly permitted a private audience with him on 31st May, 1963. His mission was to deliver an important package, which he received from the space people in Copenhagen. This claim of course has been denounced by the Vatican, but circumstantial evidence suggests that such a meeting did take place. He traveled to the Vatican with two of his coworkers, May Morlet and Louise (Lou) Zinsstag. Both witnesses say that he entered the Vatican by a side entrance (explaining why there would be no records of his visit) and stayed for an hour. When he entered the room, Adamski claims the Pope smiled and said 'I have been expecting you' and when George handed him the package, the Pope replied 'That is what I have been waiting for'. The Pope's last words before Adamski left were, 'My son, don't worry, we will make it'.

During lunch that same day, Adamski took out of his pocket a small plastic wallet, which was lilac in colour. 'It bore the most singular inscription I have ever seen' said Lou,'The written characters were of a very unusual kind, certainly neither Roman nor Gothic, nor were they Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or Hebrew'. Underneath the text was the date of the interview-31st May 1963-written in Roman letters. Inside this little wallet was the most beautiful golden coin with the Pope's head in profile on it. As they discovered later, this was a new ecumenical coin, ready for sale but not yet on the market, owing to the Pope's recent illness. They also found out that it cost between 300 and 400 swiss francs. The pope died two days later.

When history is allowed to show our military and politicians lied to us about UFO's, then we might in time, be able to forgive them. We know they are career, power-driven rats, they can't help it.

But if our religious leaders also decided to lie all these years, and treated us like mushrooms, would we be so forgiving? Would anyone abandon religion entirely?

I would. I did.
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