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When we see the crossover X's we know that the trails were made at night, and when you look at them through binoculars they are at the same height as well.
I think the most hardened sceptics are eventually going to start looking at this phenomenon, if you mention it to the long retired they have often said to me clouds don't form in long lines like that they can remember.

It sounds like the two plants that have taken over your garden are called Clever and Bindweed with its large ivy shaped leaves and white trumpet shaped flowers, these are the scourge of the gardener, but if you keep pulling them out as soon as you see them they will eventually succumb, due to not getting enough sun time to set the sun's energy back into the root system.

This is why I think the trails are denying our gardens too, the elite will be making huge profits if crops are late or drowned out, as the commoditors will be speculating for pennies profit per ton hoarded.

Peter knows what the beggars are up to, as do many more.

In a poor year people also have their heating on earlier, cerching $$$$$€€€€€€£££££.

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Exactly the same as I noticed. Get up in the morning and blue skies and sunshine. within a hour or two the chemtrails spread over the sky and the day looks overcast with a weak sun. same again in the evening and late afternoon as the sun is setting.

Ive not grown anything in my garden for the last few years due to ill health first and then a dog that eats everything 2nd. ( now building a fence to stop that marlarkie) But last year had these two weeds in my garden that grew really fast and strangled everything in their path. one felt sticky to touch more like velcro with heads like a umbrella plant.. the other was the spade shaped leaves with the white flowers. they took over my garden and I could see nothing else.. This year the velcro one just didnt appear and the one with the white flowers was just here and there half hearted ..

The only thing in my garden that was amazing was the lavertira (sp) and my Christmas tree.. BUT I expect that was because my wormery was right where they were and I had to leave the tap open as could not tend it so the worm tea was running to those two things roots. Dog ate the wormery now complete with all the compost and worms

But once my fence is built ( doing it with pallets) I can get that going again and the rest of my garden.

as I have sat here typing the sky was blue and clear now overcast due to a nice big X spreading. Funny isnt it how those on the early morning flight path dont use it the rest of the day and same again in the late afternoon.
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