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Originally Posted by neilbe View Post
'....., does voting actually really matter.'

Well that depends on who you are voting for...

Forget the any of the main stream parties, with the exception of Unbuntu..

Personally I'd go look for an independent..

A good, decent, honest, switched-on human being is what we need. Around 350 of them from a population of around 60 million...

Is that an impossible dream? Is that doable?

Then anybody, the likes of Haywood etc would be delt with. You work around them, or you replace them. You do something, anything apart from giving your power to them....

Do not externalise your power onto anything or anyone else.

We have the power, the numbers, the karma and the love.

We are the powerful ones...

If anyone really wants to understand this then watch this short video of Roy Keene talking about the Thierry Henry handball goal that denied the Irish a place at the world cup finals.

Does he blame Henry? Does he fuck!

He blames the defenders and the goalie for not doing their jobs properly.

If we did our jobs correctly, if we held onto our power, if we stopped making excuses, took our chances, then there'd be no cheating, no bullshit, no deceit or anything..

How else is anything ever going to change???

Stop giving away YOUR power. Take control. Stop moaning, stop looking for excuses, take control and start to change things...
Voting doesn't matter.
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