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My feeling is the universe is a living body of God and we are all apart of it... as souls we travel and evolve.. learning, growing, becoming more concious..

The universe is very concious, which is why our conciousness is here.. how we were created is something our small brains could not even fathom even if we were shown or told..

Time is something we experience as our brains work that way... bet it is not real and really everything happens at once... (as the closest i can explain in our understanding)

God head is not a deity, has no way of identifying it as its to vast big and deep for us, but deities are things it manifests that we can relate to and recognise.. and God head speaks to us through these Deities, ones that already exists and ones we create..

I am undecided yet if we are completely of that god conciousness... and maybe evolving to the point we become at one with it again... or if we are created to form new God heads and each one of us are progressions of this..

That is my own personal view on God.
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