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Originally Posted by nowhere View Post

I live in Hollywood and grew up with the whole celebrity scene so it's funny when people think that "celebrities" are cool. Ugh, there are such losers.
Just so you all know they are all on blowand a whole lotta other shit.

Anyway, I have many Lindsey, Nicole, Paris, Britney, Hollywood in general inside trash and they are all, believe me, on blow and beyond mind controlled puppets.

So anyway, yesterday at about 12:30 am - BRITNEY SPEARS ,her Body Guard plus 2 gay white friends/ employees? came to eat at the Restaurant I hostess at. She was so gross. She took like 3 bathroom trips 10 min. each, either to do blow which I found none, so really it was just to cause a speculation. She ordered food and didn't touch a bit of it. My friend who was was the waitress asked her what she wanted to drink. She said champagne so my friend offered her a choice between two of our best and Britney says...'Okay!' My friend was like okay what? Which one do you want? So Britney completely picks something else and says House Chardonnay! Anyway she drank half a glass then stuck the glass in my friends face and said more please!!!!
My friend said she was on drugs and beyond stupid. "No way this bitch can even spell her name." I was like... or more like MIND Controlled. She than asked for a to go cup for the booze! And she only tipped my friend a regular lousy 15%. Anyway she left and like 100 photographers/ bystanders took pictures of her. OH!!
and the best part . . . she went to the restroom for like 10 min. before she left and I went in after her to fix my hair. I SWEAR TO GOD > > >
This bitch dropped a #2 and didn't flush the toilet !!!!!!!!

Anyway, I was interviewed by stupid magazines today and this will probably come out in the next issue of US Weekly with my name.

The whole time I was like...WHO CARES??!!.
I encounter celebrities all the time, and I know that they are controlled puppets to drag attention away from big issues. Britney couldn't even talk , she was so out of it! 'They' try to blame her and Lindsey as to being on drugs for their behaviors ,which they are, but it's also all the mind control. They literally look like clueless , drugged, puppies when you see them.

It's so blatant to me that they are puppets, I wish others could see that.
I'm glad I grew up around this to see Hollywood for what it really is.
It's soooo sad that people look up to these losers for validation to their own lives.

drugs sex and .....
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