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Default Another H.A.A.R.P test? mysterious power cuts in Edinburgh.

They still seem intent on pushing out the use of HAARP in Edinburgh, even if it means turning the city into a dysfunctional place ;


Quote ;

Postcodes in the EH4 postcodes of Edinburgh were hit by a second power cut in as many weeks earlier this morning, leaving homes and businesses again without power. It is not yet known how widespread the loss of power, which affected the offices of the Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News, is across Edinburgh. There has been no comment as of yet from Scottish Power Energy Network, who are responsible for the smooth running and upkeep of power across central Scotland. The power cut comes less than a fortnight after several postcodes in the Edinburgh area suffered an outage on Friday November 16, which affected homes and businesses for nearly three hours.

End of quote.

If memory serves people were warned about an EMP attack happening in Edinburgh a few months back. No one seems interested in Edinburgh though. Too busy wrapped up in their smart phones......
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