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Wow you just don't stop with the videos and long LONG chains of posts do you?
I can't watch videos at work sadly so I had to go by your text summaries but how does the X-Files Movie (which I did watch when it came out but that was a REALLY long time ago!), which involves aliens fighting neandertal man, black oil infecting people, and bees, equal them predicting 9/11? Or for that matter what has that got to do with Australia?

Then we get another movie trailer for a fantasy horror film, again I don't see the relevence to the thread or anything at all to be honest.

Followed by a lovely piece on Bah rain, in case anyone needs a quick geography lesson, including a clip involving James May and toys??? As I say I can't watch the video so someone will have to let me know if he is involved in the NWO and/or Australia.

Then we get some info on a murder case, actually in Australia this time, which is a refreshing change, though perhaps I'm missing the NWO part, but right in the middle of this interesting article we get a paragraph (in blue, presumably to seperate it from the ongoing relevent information) about the Blue Streak, a missle which was originally going to be to deliver a nuclear payload but ended up only being used as part of a mostly rubbish satalite launcher (again not sure on the relevance, or the inclusion of a picture of what appears to be a small boy with an astronaut coming out of his head, another trailer, this time for a Johnny Depp horror. No text acompanyment to this one, obviously the trailer speaks for itself telling us how Jack the Ripper was an Austrailian NWO agent, followed by a small piece on a group of Hindu deities. Again, no explination as to the relivence of this to the thread or anything at all.

Finally we have a post entitled Masonic Architecture of Australia's Capital. Great, finally something relevent to the point! No. In fact what we get is three videos of UFO sightings (on of which was in Australia, props for that!) and a pic of the cover of a book talking about the Masonic architecture of Canberra.

Am I the only one that sees not a coherant arguement for or against anything, but the ramblings of a man with too much access to YouTube?
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