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Lightbulb Hopes Carr

Registration G-ALHG..
Flight origin Palma Airport..

The holiday flight that ended in catastrophe..

Less than 12 hours after the deaths of 83 vacationing British airline passengers travelling from Kent on an Air Ferry Limited flight, British Midland Air Lines Flight G-ALHG crashed in Hopes Carr, Stockport, killing 72 passengers and crew..The British Midland plane, a 4-engine Argonaut, was bringing holiday travelers back from Majorca and was preparing to land at Manchester when it went down..Another 12 people survived..The Incident drew a large crowd, estimated at around 10,000, hampering the rescue organisations..

Destination Ringway Airport..

There were bodies all over the place & body parts..

Investigators with the Accidents Investigation Branch (AIB) determined that the aircraft had run out of fuel because of a previously unrecognised flaw in the model's fuel system..A fuel problem had been noted on the aircraft 5 days earlier, but this only came to light four months after the crash..A third contributory factor was tiredness: the captain had been on duty for nearly 13 hours..This was within legal and operational limits but the inquiry noted that he had made several errors in repeating ATC messages..Harry Marlow, the captain, survived but had amnesia and did not remember the accident sequence, and the first officer died..The AIB also examined passenger and crew survivability during the accident..Post-mortem examinations on the passengers showed that those in the very front of the fuselage had been killed by rapid deceleration injuries, but those further aft had suffered massive crushing injuries to their lower legs that stopped them from escaping the burning wreckage..The Canadair North Star was a 1940s Canadian development of the Douglas C-54 / DC-4 aircraft designed for Trans-Canada Air Lines - TCA..Canadair Aircraft Ltd. took over the Canadian Vickers Ltd. operations on 11 November 1944..Despite the onset of jet airliners in the 1950s, the rugged Canadair North Star found a niche in both military and civil use..

We were so close to the red brick buildings..

Of the various theories on the origins of the two ancient Greek & Latin names for the islands—Gymnasiae & Baleares—classical sources provide two..According to the Lycophron's Alexandra verses, the islands were called Gymnesiae (gymnos, meaning naked in Greek) because its inhabitants were often nude, probably because of the year-round benevolent climate..In some stories, it is said that the people were clad only in sheep-skins..In ancient times, the islanders of the Gymnesian Islands were famous for their skill with the sling..As slingers, they served as mercenaries, first under the Carthaginians, and afterwards under the Romans..The prosperous islands were thoroughly sacked by the Swedish Viking King Björn Ironside and his brother Hastein during their Mediterranean raid of 859–862..For centuries, the Balearic sailors and pirates had been masters of the western Mediterranean..Despite a strong local tradition, there is little evidence of a Roman military station at Stockport..Six coins from the reigns of the Anglo-Saxon English Kings Edmund & Eadred were found during ploughing at Reddish Green..The Anglo-Saxon landholders in the area were dispossessed and the land divided amongst the new Norman rulers..No part of Stockport appears in the Domesday Book of 1086..The Stockport bridge is documented as existing since at least 1282..Engels wrote in 1844 that Stockport was "renowned as one of the duskiest, smokiest holes in the whole of the industrial area"..The town was connected to the national canal network..Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council has embarked on an ambitious regeneration scheme, known as Future Stockport - Dialling code 0161... the gods argue..Then great winds blow..Temples fall..For the moment, let them enjoy a calm sea, a fresh breeze and each other..The gods want their entertainment...

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