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Pyramid technology - crystal - transmission
Pyramid today photographed with UFO body hovering above it.


TeleviSION - transmitting, recording and sending, the use of SION.

SION - Holy Christ
SION - Anti Christ

Holy Christ spirit in the Earth's Holy Heaven, our spirit atmospheric condition.
Anti Christ spirit in the Earth's Holy Heaven atmosphere being attacked formed by the star particle radiation bodies infiltrating the atmosphere.

The radiation particles attack the atmosphere, it tries to protect our atmosphere, the angels (sounds) of the atmosphere defend us, lose the battle of the evil alien attack.

Alien - artificial intelligence.....fake atmospheric sound.

Scientists contacting the UFO sound manifestations for their own scientific purpose at NASA.

NASA involved in scientific transmissions with HAARP, ground state observations.

As real as everyone is beginning to identify. Transmissions are being burnt by the UFO attack. Transmitting imagery is altering via sound changes in the atmosphere.

Television involved in a greater use of transmitting incoming and outgoing signals demonstrate a fact.
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