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Originally Posted by ainvision View Post
While much wasted commentary and spurious observations of so-called 'reptilian eyes' of news casters, celebrities and politicians are frequently presented as 'fact', they are usually a byproduct of low resolution video and multiple conversions of various video formats.

How about we all go back to the way 'common folk' have been doing identifying these creatures for millennia. Look at the canine teeth and look at the ears of your suspected reptilian/demon. If the canine teeth are overly extended and/or the ears are rather more pointed than normal (not Spock ears) then you have a serious piece of evidence for possession by an other worldly entity.

Quite simple really!
I met a man at a new age festival thing a few years back, promoting his book on Stonehenge. He had big canines and it didn't look as if he had them done for theatrical reasons either! My son also had prominent canines and they looked pretty good but after his braces he lost the effect. Just as well probably
Just going to check his ears...........

P.S You are right about reptile eyes and scales, that's stretching it a bit
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