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Hello ladies and Gentlemen,hello David Ike.ive been around many forums over the years,worked as mods etc etc.Ive been the freeman the anti constable man the anti everything.To be honest all of it was negative energy upoun my soul.There was allways something missing something not right.Ive been into the ANTI israeli stough and much more.Why is there nothing on positiveness.Its my conclusion looking at the facts,David Ike as stumbled upoun a posotive reality for all man woman all human beings all creeds colours.Freedom from controll.PROPAGANDA IS REAL AND AT ITS PEAK IT WAS RIFE DURING WW1 AND WW2.Infront of me ive got every book of Davids work,ive only read 1 book.And the truth shall set you free.Im now on the 2nd,i am me i am free.Ive got a basic idea of what was going on and to be honest what the losers have done at the top is criminal.Money is how theyve done it by bribeing human beings end of.I guess ive got lots to learn.IVE GOT SOMETHING FOR DAVID IKE TO LOOK AT HOW DO I GET IS ATTENTION ,id prefer not to say here,id like is opinion on some work ive been doing its basicaly the same people,thanks for looking.

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