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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
After a little research,I have come to the conclusion Jesus or Yeshua was a druid.( Not Quite sure yet though?)will have to do more.

Phildee you are correct.(maybe)

Jesus began his spiritual studies with his mother and father. Joseph and Mary were both Enlightened Ones of the Essenes. The Essenes were the Pure Ones of the Jewish people, and they were all that remained from the ancient Egyptian Mystery School founded in the 15th century B.C. by the Pharaoh ThothMoses III.

Jesus was taught the spiritual techniques of Moses and the ancient ones by his parents and other Essenes. However, over time, certain amounts of the ancient wisdom and techniques had been forgotten because the Ark of the Covenant had been buried long ago. The Ark, along with Moses’ documents and all but one of the Stones of the Covenant, was buried in the Jerusalem area during the 6th century B.C. and no one in Jesus’ time knew where the Ark was buried.

Jesus traveled throughout the Middle East and Europe to study at various “Mystery Schools”. Jesus found the sacred “Rock of Israel”, one of the Stones of the Covenant, much to his surprise, while visiting the Druid Mystery School in Glastonbury, England. The ancient Rock of Israel is one of the Stones from the Ark of the Covenant, and after Jesus met with the Rock of Israel, it also became know as the “Stone of Destiny”. The Rock of Israel was on loan from the Celts and Druids of Ireland to the Celts and Druids at Glastonbury at the time of Jesus’ visit.

The journey to Glastonbury, England from Israel/Palestine for the “Rock of Israel”, also known as one of the “Stones of the Covenant” began in the 6th century B.C. Just prior to the fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians, the prophet Jeremiah transported the Rock/Stone to Ireland, along with King Zedekiah’s daughter, Tamar. King Zedekiah was, at that time, king of Judah and Jerusalem.

Tamar was one of the “Pure Ones”. She carried the Moses/Ankhnaten ancestral memories in her cellular DNA. Just prior to the fall of Judah and Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar in the 6th century B.C., Tamar, Jeremiah, and a few other Pure Ones from the Essenes buried the Ark of the Covenant. The prophet, Jeremiah, then took the Stone of the Covenant, that became known as the Rock of Israel, out of Palestine and migrated to Ireland with the king’s daughter, Tamar. And so it was that the Davidic DNA Lineage of Moses/Ankhnaten came to Ireland.

(In time, Tamar married a Celtic Irish king. Later, her descendants migrated to Scotland in the 5th century A.D., bringing the Davidic DNA lineage of Moses/Ankhnaten with them. The Irish/Scottish Celts, in their migration, picked up the Stone of the Covenant from Glastonbury and brought the Rock of Israel with them to Scotland. Later in Scotland the Stone of Destiny would awaken twice more, once in the 12th century with an Advanced One who would recover the Ark of the Covenant and create the Inner Circle of the Knights Templar.)

The Rock of Israel is one of the ancient sacred stones that were used in the sacred ceremonies of the white race, thousands of years ago, back in Sumer, ancient Mesopotamia. The 8 tribes who spread out from Sumer, (or present day Iraq), became the white race of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Each of the tribes leaving Sumer had a primary Sacred Stone and Secondary Sacred Stones. Secondary Sacred Stones were used as libraries by Advanced Enlightened Ones. On these Sacred Stones, Advanced Ones carved symbols and left information in symbolic form for those Advanced Ones who would be born into subsequent generations of their tribe. Among the inscriptions carved into the Rock of Israel, while it was at Sumer, were symbols which described the spiritual techniques used for creating the royal Sumer/Egyptian “Sacred Bread”, also known as “Manna”. The Rock of Israel and the other Stones, had been protected in the Ark of the Covenant, by the tribal family of Israel, or the Israelites, since the days of Sumer. Later, Egyptian and Israelite families brought the Ark and the Stones of the Covenant to Egypt.

The Ark and the Stones of the Covenant were dedicated to the One God, of the “Lord”. Special instructions had been carved symbolically into the Secondary Stones from Sumer, that were used by Advanced Ones, among the Israelite and Egyptian families who followed the One God of the Lord. Moses/Ankhnaten also carved certain symbols onto the Stone of the Covenant known as the Rock of Israel. Moses’ new symbols contained wisdom about certain ancient spiritual techniques, like the Pyramid Light Body Activations and the Natural Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques.

The inscriptions on the Stones of the Covenant had been inscribed by Lord level individuals since the first days of humanity in Sumer, and contained great amounts of True Knowledge. Thus, while the prophet Jeremiah understood the importance of the Rock of Israel, even he could not understand many of the symbols left by Moses and the ancient ones before him.

The spiritual energies of the Rock/Stone were quite evident upon its arrival in Ireland. These energies were immediately felt/seen by the adept level Druid priests, called “Merlins”. Some of the highest level adepts among the Druids could even decipher a few of the ancient symbols from Moses/Ankhnaten and ancient ones. The Druid Celts, like the Jewish people of the Hebrews, Israelites and Egyptians, also originally came from Sumer. As people spread out from Sumer over the lands of the Middle East, Europe and Northern Africa, certain of the more spiritual tribes had a tendency to migrate farther out and settle beyond the lands sought by others. And so it was, that the most spiritual of the Celtic families had migrated to Ireland in the earliest of days, and many still lived there, who followed the spiritual practices of the ancient adept level Druid priests, or Merlins.

At one time, Irish Druid priests were at the same spiritual level as some of the 18th dynasty Egyptians, and thus, the adept Irish Druid priests after meeting Jeremiah, immediately agreed to protect Tamar. They would also personally arrange a marriage for her with a spiritually oriented Irish Celtic king. The Druids would also protect the Rock of Israel/Stone of the Covenant. The adept Druids asked if, periodically, the Stone could be on display at the Druid Mystery School at Glastonbury. They wanted the best of their potential Merlins, or the best of their adepts among the Druid priests, to touch the Stone to see if one of them could be awakened, in the ancient way, by the electro-magnetic energies infused into a Stone of the Covenant. And so it was the Rock of Israel/Stone of the Covenant began its travels between the Celtic adept Druids, or Merlins, of Ireland and the Merlins of Glastonbury, England.

Only spiritual adepts were allowed to touch the Stone of the Covenant, or Rock of Israel. Jesus, as a spiritual adept, was allowed to touch the Rock. It was upon physically touching the Rock, that the energies infused into the Stone by generations of Lord level Enlightened Ones began to electro-magnetically awaken the ancestral memories recorded at the DNA level, in Jesus. A spiritual energy exchange began between the Stone of the Covenant’s electro-magnetically stored energies and the electro-magnetic energy fields of Jesus. Lord level individuals of the Davidic lineage of Jesus, like Moses/Ankhnaten, had infused the Rock of Israel with their own Lord level electro-magnetic energies of Magnetic Love and Electric Light over thousands of years. These energies were and are stored in the Stone, but these energies can only be activated by Advanced Ones with the required pure DNA combination that exists in the Davidic lineage.

I will research further,but for you of those who are interested,there you go

Jesus was a fuck up! As were his delusional fan club!!
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