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HMS Eurydice sinking off the Isle of Wight, Illustrated London News..
After being recommissioned under the command of Captain Marcus Augustus Stanley Hare, Eurydice sailed from Portsmouth on a three-month tour of the West Indies and Bermuda on 13 November 1877.. On 6 March 1878, she began her return voyage from Bermuda for Portsmouth. After a very fast passage across the Atlantic, on 24 March 1878.. Eurydice was caught in a heavy snow storm off the Isle of Wight, capsized and sank.. Only two of the ship's 319 crew and trainees survived, most of those who were not carried down with the ship died of exposure in the freezing waters. Captain Hare, a devout Christian, after giving the order to every man to save himself, clasped his hands in prayer and went down with his ship..One of the witnesses to the disaster was a young Winston Churchill, who was living at Ventnor with his family at the time.. The wreck was refloated later that same year but had been so badly damaged during her submersion that she was then subsequently broken up.. Her ship's bell is preserved in St. Paul's Church, Gatten, Shanklin. There is a memorial in the churchyard at Christchurch, The Broadway, Sandown.. The ship's anchor is set into a memorial at Clayhall Cemetery, Gosport..The Loss of the Eurydice is a major poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins..The origin of the word Ainsworth is from the Anglo Saxon word 'worth' meaning an 'Enclosure'..Ellen Ainsworth (born 1918 in Glenwood City, Wisconsin d. 1944 in Anzio, Italy) was an officer in the United States Army during World War II. Ainsworth was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart for her actions during Operation Shingle while serving with the Medical Corps, in which she ultimately gave her life..There is a village called Ainsworth near Bolton...HMS Eurydice Ordered: 27 August 1841... God, it was a fire burning on the shore, strong enough to penetrate the swirling mist.. They steered a course toward the light.. But it was a campfire..The ship crashed against the rocks, the hull sheared in 2, mars snapped like a twig..The wreckage sank, with all the men aboard...

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