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Lightbulb Jones

Jones is a surname of Medieval English origins, derived from the given name John which in turn is derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan (Johanan).. It is especially common in Wales and south central England..In Ireland the surname has been Gaelicized as MacSeoin..It first appears on record as a surname in England in 1273 with the name "Matilda Jones"..Others put the first known record of the surname Jones as 1279, in Huntingdonshire, England...

"Lady of Mann by NoelWalley...

In 1868 the Abergele Train Disaster was, up to that time, the worst railway disaster in Britain.. The 33 people who died are buried in a mass grave in the local churchyard..On 30 June 1969, the evening before the investiture of Prince Charles in Caernarfon, two members of Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (Welsh Defence Movement), Alwyn Jones and George Taylor, were killed when the bomb they were planting outside government offices exploded prematurely..MAC was initially set up in response to the flooding of the Afon Tryweryn valley and the flooding of the village of Capel Celyn to provide water for Liverpool..The final bomb was placed on the Llandudno Pier and was designed to stop the HMY Britannia from docking - this too failed to explode..The 1936 racing yacht Bloodhound, once owned by the Queen, is now berthed alongside Britannia..

Abergele is a community and small market town, situated on the north coast of Wales between the holiday resorts of Colwyn Bay and Rhyl, in Conwy County Borough.. Its northern suburb of Pensarn lies on the Irish Sea coast and is known for its beach, where it is claimed by some that a ghost ship has been sighted..The town itself lies on the A55 road and is known for Gwrych Castle.. The town is surrounded by woodland covered hillsides, which contain caves with rare lesser horseshoe bat..Abergele (including Pensarn) has a population of around 10,000 and is part of the Abergele/Rhyl/Prestatyn urban area with a population of 64,000..Pensarn and Belgrano are significantly less Welsh than the rest of town, with 47.7 of people identifying themselves as English in the 2011 census...The ARA General Belgrano was an Argentine Navy light cruiser in service from 1951 until 1982.. Previously named USS Phoenix, she saw action in the Pacific theatre of World War II before being sold to Argentina..After almost 31 years of service, she was sunk during the Guerra de Malvinas or Guerra del Atlántico Sur by the Royal Navy submarine Conqueror with the loss of 323 lives..She is the only ship ever to have been sunk during military operations by a nuclear-powered submarine..

Recent genetic studies as part of the Genetic history of Europe on the y-chromosomes of men in Abergele have revealed that there is a significant percentage of E1b1b1a2 haplogroup in Abergele..This genetic marker is found at its highest concentrations in the Balkans at over 40% in areas, but at much lower percentages in Northern Europe at less than 5%..The reason for drastically higher levels of E1b1b in Abergele is most likely due to the heavy Roman Army presence in Abergele as most of the Roman Soldiers that came to Britain did not come from Italy, rather from other parts of the Roman Empire..The boxers Bruce Woodcock and Randolph Turpin trained at Gwrych Castle and the film Prince Valiant, was filmed there..On 16 April, a British Sea Harrier was shot down over Goražde by Bosnian Serb forces..The German Luftwaffe saw action for the first time since 1945 during Operation Deliberate Force..The two French airmen who were detained after their Mirage 2000D was downed by Bosnian Serb forces on 30 August 95, Lt. Jose Souvignet and Capt. Frederic Chiffot, were released only upon the end of the Bosnian War, on 12 December 95..On 2 June, 2 U.S. Air Force F-16 jets were sent on patrol over Bosnia in support of Operation Deny Flight. While on patrol, an F-16 piloted by Captain Scott O'Grady was shot down by a Bosnian Serb SA-6 surface-to-air missile.. O'Grady was forced to eject from the aircraft. Six days later, he was rescued by U.S. Marines of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit based on the USS Kearsarge.. The event would come to be known as the Mrkonjić Grad incident..Jones remains the most popular surname in Wales, borne by 5.75% of the population..The frequency in England is lower, at 0.75%, making it the second most
common surname, after Smith...'re not supposed to fly that sector, Chris.. The brass will have a shit-fit..Hey, we're on recon so let's recon something..Remember your training, put some angles between you and your pursuers...

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