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Nice to see so much interest ... But I would caution her fans about believing everything that comes out of that pretty mouth....

While beyond reasonable doubt the story she relates is true ties in with that from so many other abductees , Mr Bartzis and other authorities , and has the implicit endorsement of such notables as Corey Goode .... Despite that, much of the information she gives comes from ETs , and they always have an agenda , so the information has to be taken with a pinch of salt . ...

Things like the greys being our future selves , or them becoming sterile from GMO food . It may or may not be true , but the message is clear , and one we know already , but sometimes forget ....Don't eat GMO

I never tire of watching that first video , her high energy instantly lifts one's mood .... We will all be where she is after the solar event , EMP , when all AI mind control is disabled.

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