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Default How Mancunians became willingly BRANDED SLAVES

How Mancunians became willingly Branded Slaves...

The alleged terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert on May 22nd 2017, was monumental for many reasons. The twenty two people who died, including children. The outpourings of grief and solidarity from the general public and the worldwide condemnation of the alleged perpetrator and his radical belief system.

One fascinating response was from the Mancunian public who rushed en masse to brand their bodies with Bee tattoos as a show of their defiance of terrorism...

Were the people of Manchester duped by the actions of alleged terrorists into branding themselves with the emblem of dark forces that have had their claws into Manchester for hundreds of years?

You decide...

This presentation has half a dozen strings in it that are pulled together at the end... please watch all the way through before making your mind up...
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