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Originally Posted by charlesupton View Post
I am a published writer on comparative religion and traditional metaphysics, as well as “metaphysics and social criticism”. In the book entitled Weird Kentucky, one of the Weird U.S. series, on p. 89, various Reptilian apparitions in the state of Kentucky are recounted. The once-famous Kentucky preacher William Branham (1909-1965) believed that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was a Reptilian lizard-man who walked on 2 legs. Be that as it may, it is obvious to ANYONE who has informed him- or herself about the phenomenology of the demonic that Reptilians are DEMONS, who can assume many shapes. Why are reptilian believers (apparently) afraid that they will appear as religious fanatics is they believe in demons, but not that they will appear as lunatics if they accept the Reptilians as a special class of beings who have nothing at all to do with the demonic? Reptilian believers need to investigate the demonologies of ALL RELIGIONS AND ALL CULTURES IN ALL PLACES AND TIMES; if they do so, they will get a much better idea of what David Icke saw when he saw the Reptilians. Why not tap the huge available mass of cultural and historical material in SUPPORT of the reality of beings like the Reptilians, rather than just reinventing the wheel, reinventing the lizard, reinventing the demon? Why wish to appear as “eccentrics”? Why not discover and repeat the fact that the truth of the Reptilians HAS ALWAYS BEEN KNOWN? David Icke has many very important things to say, which means that to the degree that he gains in credibility he can better serve the human race; if the various religions and many primitive tribes possess huge archives and analyses relating to beings like the Reptilians, why ignore all this valuable material? Even if you don’t believe in God, you can learn a huge amount from these records of thousands of years of human experience. In any case, the web address of Weird U.S. is “”; their email is [email protected].
I nevr knew. Although i had read to me legends & kid's stories about dragons,etc. but i never believed them to be real...until...
well lets say " i have seen therefore i believe!"
i am a Thomas.
Thanks to a friend hading me over David Icke's first two books i discovered some 25 years later what i had seen that event which had been hiddent in the depths of my scarry to be faced....
then i decided to do a regression...and half a century later i relived that meeting with reptoïds...
i had 2 hours missing that evening...and i don't know how i got from the treshold of my living room to kneeling before a lounge fire...nor did i understand while i went out so late to get a take away just us the guy was closing his shop...i questioned him about his clock running ahead...he replied that "no" he was just about to shup shop that night...
why didn't i question further at the time?
Because reptilians or reptoïds are extremely telepathic and also can hypnoptise the vicitm and implant ideas on their brain and unconscious.
The keys lost in the depth of the sea where discovered as time went by and also as i took my distances with this strange being and the events were resurfacing thanks to connexions (working as keys) were resurfacing. Echos finaly got me to find out that something had happened. I had met something weird that night.
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