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Default Is she a Reptilian?

This lovely not-so-young lady was born in 1964, as was I, and we both attended the same high school though we never really knew each other and had different peer groups. She has won many beauty contests from the age of 17 onwards and was a gladiator named Rebel on the Australian version of the 'Gladiators' sports challenge show.
In the accompanying video Ms Kendell is promoting her personal training and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) course. Her manner, eye and eyebrow movements and the projection of her voice are all in accordance with NLP hypnotic suggestion mannerisms as taught by Anthony Robbins et al. Her eyes appear to display vertical pupils for most of the video and I would like to know if my fellow Ickeans think this is a trick of the camera, poor quality video, a reflection by contact lenses or is it that she may be a Reptilian. I hope she isn't because when I knew her she was always friendly and polite even though she was very driven to elevate her notoriety and status
Here's her youtube video... Please let me know what you think, OK?
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