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IRC sec. 7701:

(1) Person

The term “person” shall be construed to mean and include an individual, a trust, estate, partnership, association, company or corporation.

The question is, are you an individual? The answer is yes then you do what most people do, file and pay taxes. But what if you have no memory of filling out a tax form, or conforming to anything having anything to do with income taxes, are you still an individual as defined by sec. 7701? The answer is NO. You are defined by your actions, by your memory of what you did and continue to do every April 15. Do you read the tax code and try to decode it? If the answer is yes, then you are an individual defined by code sec. 7701.

@ 4:49 - 6:01 "So the question is what is memory.... memory is always absent except when the need is created by the situation you find yourself in. It is that memory that has created what we call the entity or the individual; otherwise, there's no individual, there's no entity. Unfortunately, that individual or non-existing entity demands the continuity and the constant use of memory to maintain it's continuity. So memory is used for purposes for which it's not intended. The use we are putting that memory is only to maintain that continuity or that non-existing entity whether you are awake,or asleep or dreaming. That's the reason why we don't have energy to meet the challenges of life. " UG

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