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Click on each page and read the whole book... it's only 20+ pages.



from page 18-19... person defined as Soul:

β€œIn order to avoid confusion, we are dispensing with the numerous metaphysical terms and distinctions used by Occultists in dealing with Spirit, Soul, Matter, and the various degrees of mind.

Because of this we are using the term "Psychic" in a broad sense; we use it to convey this meaning: a person β€” a Soul who is sufficiently awakened to use the finer Soul sense perceptions to the extent that he acquires information, knowledge and understanding, quite beyond the range of the ordinary senses.

And while understanding the differentiations made by Theosophist, Buddhist and others, relative to Soul, Spirit, and Mind, we are using the term Soul to designate the whole man, whether functioning through material bodies, or immaterial forms. In short, we are using the terms "Psychic and Soul" as synonyms meaning the same thing by each.

And using the word "Soul" to mean the Eternal, real, Spiritual man β€” the man who, in moments of illumination, reveals himself and sets at naught the limitations of the flesh.

Compare that to the definition found in their codes and statutes. One is dead, the other /living/breathing.
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