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You can only be the beneficiary of the name/person/trust. The state holds title to the ALL CAPITAL NAME. The person owns the name (ex. Joe Job). Ownership means possession and tenant and doesn't mean title. You can only be the beneficiary of the name/person/trust.

The sovereignty gurus are part of the secret societies. They are controlled by attorneys from groups like the Freemasons. Their job is to teach the sovereign citizens and Moors to be the trustee, authorized representative, executor, or agent of the name. That is the spot the judge needs someone to get their ass.

The judge will allow a couple Moors and sovereign citizens get a tender in their case and let a few go. That is to spread the myths. Then when the others try to get it, then it doesn't work because the judges don't allow it or the system change. The judges are going to make an example of the idiots who try to personate the person.

He that represent (personate) himself (the spirit inside the person) is a fool for a client. There is an attorney on the ALL CAPITAL NAME whether or not you see them. The attorney is the superior lords because the State holds title to the ALL CAPITAL NAME. If you hire an attorney or you don't, you still a fool for a client.

The sovereignty gurus and Moorish nation teaches how you can work for the person. By doing the work for the person, you are committing idolatry. You are a servant of the person. The person is your servant.

These idiots still believe Federal Reserve Notes and US Coins are used for discharge. The discharge is not with Federal Reserve Notes and US Coins. Tender is using these promissory instrument.

Discharge is using static electric. That is what you don't have access to. The person is the one having static electric.

How can you be the middleman (ex. authorized representative, agent, executor, etc.) when the judge hides the information in the private folder behind the scene?

Since you are an idiot, you need an attorney. That what the judge will tell you. The attorney decides what happen to you because the attorney is the superior over you.

If you want to be the middleman in the trust/name/person, welcome to the pyramid of trustees. You are the lowest one. The attorney is above you. The Knights Templar is above the attorney.

When you are the beneficiary, you don't need knowledge of the trust/name/person. They suppose to be doing the work for you. The authorized representative, agent, executor, trustee, receiver, etc. is a clay statue. You are not a clay statue with a philosopher's stone so you cannot be one of these character. The court can do whatever they want with their person. They supposed to pay the attorney's bill to administer your estate. It should not come out of your pocket.

A beneficiary is not a fool for a client. You are organic so you have to be outside of the name/trust. The only thing that belongs to the name/trust is inorganic matter and spirits.

It is not what you can do for the person. It is what the person can do for you.

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