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Originally Posted by raphael View Post
what does infrasound do?
what does ultrasound do?
How do you mean what does it do? Infrasound is lower than about 20 hertz. That's equivelent to 20 cycles per second. Imagine earth cycling at 1 time per 24 hour period, and you can work out what that is as a frequency.

Some sub-bass sounds are lower than 20 hertz, and even though the ear can't pick them up, the body can still feel it hitting it in various regions (usually the groin area). The wavelengths are very big for low sounds.

More importantly, what ratios of force do stable atoms display, and how are those ratios applicable to music theory?

Ultrasound is higher than what the human ear can pick up. Music theory covers all the spectrum due to the law of octaves. In other words, any music theory that applies to stuff our ears can hear, can also apply to the colour spectrum, for example. The rainbow is practically the major scale in colour form. And that also deems that Number can also describe the universe.

break the mirror obviously with SOUND?
No I don't perceive it like that. To bring unity to the mirror aspects is a question of awakening to one's inner centre where the duality is married, or in number form, to find the 4.5 axis. The 4.5 provides access for appearing on the other side of the mirror, without anything needing to be broken. It zig-zags through a Mode Box. In other words, one can travel in-and-out of the mirror, through various axis points. If one's journey through life were to maintain this non-dual 4.5 axis position it is the same thing as saying that person has taken on the Christ Body.There can be no perishing, radiating away. The immortal point exists there.

now you tell me what you would do to make things whole again.
how many methods are there?
Things are already whole. The only method I would recommend anyone is to be humble enough to want to wake up. Having said that there does exist potential for a myraid of "sound" experiments in order to help one recognize their centre.

the mirror is the door

And etched on one side of the door is the clockwise rotating swastika.
But the swastika symbol has bled through the door....AND please note...from the other side of the mirror door it is apparent the swastika is now rotating counter-clockwise.
Yet the Merkaba has both spins inherent within itself. The top/bottom tetrahedrons rotate in contrary flow. In fact that's what was said about the Merkaba, it is the contrary cycling fields of light in unity.

The biggest player in this spiralling effect, is the Pythagorean Comma.

At what age can you start teaching it to children as a game?
I assume you mean this so called Mirror logic? Well, we think that anyone who can learn a simple scale and number sequences can understand the whole logic, so I'd say anyone from 12 years of age upwards.

I can start teaching children the CARD X system, using various mnemonics, like CARD X, the Greek Zodiacal Cross, Solomon's Knot and of course the Swastika, in conjunction with the Fibonacci numbers.
Good for you.

So as soon as kids learn to start adding well enough to follow the Fibonacci numbers...they can start learning about a universal model of movement.
The same model that can be applied to the biggest suns can be also applied to the smallest invisible particles.

You need to trust to faith there, not really having the whole "story" in your head. Some smart ass kid might want to see some examples, real ratios, frequency numbers, the sensitive tones sorta thing.

Like, why would the frequencies 101 1001 10001 707 7007 70007 relate to a Merkaba like structure? Where does this logic evolve from? In other words, can you answer a child's incessant need to know why?

there is always a third choice.
we have been fooled into believing we must take the left or right path.
what about right up the middle?

The middle's the one.
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