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Originally Posted by tannah View Post
Still, how do you get Mat.1:18-25 to correlate with 11258? A correlation would be if Matthew had a 1:12-58 right?

Gospel of Matthew we cannot change.
It is 1:18-25

take a look at the card what if we divide the card along the equator between NORTH and SOUTH.
i.e. Upper and Lower Egypt or Judea and Israel.

North = 11 8 or 1:18
South = 2 5 or 25

And I do need to mention that 25 and 52 is soooo important to both me and Marko Rodin.

Originally Posted by tannah View Post
Ezekial saw a Merkaba didn't he? What do you think the connection with X, tarot, Ezekial's vision and the merkaba all have in common?
4 AGES Model Labyrinth part 2 and part I.

And the FOUR ROYAL STARS = Ezekiel's Four Beasts/Merkaba

Add to that I-ching hexagrams/binary and the Lambdoma as well, as well as the usual PHI/Fibonacci connection.


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